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Introducing our new portal framework for Ruby on Rails


Adminterface is a flexible, robust, quality, and maintainable portal framework with manageable costs designed to be the core of your next project.
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Identify. Validate concepts and ideate solutions.
Research, strategize and design the product solution that aligns with your concept.  You will have a deeper insight into how the product will solve your issues and mitigate the potential risks. A well-documented scoping plan will be ready for you to build the product with us or with your team.
Build. Design to work with you.
Collaborate closely with us through every step of the implementation to build a successful product and business. We validate and ideate your product with our iteration process to meet your business goals.  Our team pays attention to developing your products with a user-centric and continuous product design approach so we can build a great user experience.
Maintain. Keep it healthy and up-to-date.
Our team will cover the technical parts of the product while you focus on growing your business. We monitor the health and performance of the product while ensuring the product is updated. You can receive the latest updates by subscribing to our service to keep your product up-to-date and secured with the latest releases.
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We've build web portal solutions to help businesses for nearly a decade.

Nelson Lee

Nelson Lee

Tech Lead, Rails Programmer, Entrepreneur
Richard Wang

Richard Wang

Project & Operations Manager, Entrepreneur
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Tailor-made solution just for you

Own the solution
Maintain the portal by yourself or with us. Have complete control of your solution.
  • Source Code & Version control
  • Hosting server
  • Database & Backups

Build with Ruby on Rails

Reliable, secure, battle-tested framework used by Basecamp, Shopify, Twitter, Airbnb, Github and more.
Built with our open-source framework with business friendly license.
  • 1
    Maintain by us
  • 2
    Well-documented and tested
  • 3
    Easily extendable
Multilingual Ready
Easily support your customers across the globe with their languages.
Integration and Export
Easily share your data between different apps or day-to-day tools.
Access Control
Restrict access to sensitive information and resources.
  • 1
    Role-based permission
  • 2
    Instance-based permission

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