CMDBrew Studio Inc

We build, manage, and maintain, web & mobile applications.

“We are a studio that builds, manages and maintains web and mobile applications — driven by the beliefs of practicality and innovative solutions with dedicated services. Always enthusiastic about improving for the ideal products. We listen, and we implement because we care.”

  • Nelson Lee
  • Richard Wang



At CMDBrew Studio, we look at clients’ ideas or concepts from different perspectives. We’re not just looking to get the job done and deliver a product that may or may not even be right for the market.  Our team takes the necessary time to analyze and evaluate the project from top to bottom and inside out. We want our clients to understand just how practical and feasible the end product will be and the steps to achieve the end goal.

Most of our clients belong to one of the following scenarios:

  • Clients with a new concept or business that requires products to help them turn ideas live for the real world.
  • Clients with existing projects that require modifications or maintenance services.
  • Clients with an existing business looking to expand or improve their operations with innovative solutions.

Regardless of what the scenario is, our team always focus on delivering the most ideal solutions to make it happen for our clients.

We charge either by the hour or per project. It depends on what type of services you are enrolling with.

Please contact us for more information.

For all projects, we begin with specific project phases that focus on analyzing, shaping, designing, and developing. We want to make sure that the project proceeds within the budget and timeframe while providing our clients with a product that they are satisfied with.

You can start by filling out the inquiry form and we will contact you to discuss further details.

You are welcome to send us an email for other inquiries as well.