First of all, we want to wish everyone a happy new year and welcome back. 2020 is an exciting year for all of us here at CMDBrew Studio. We’re looking forward to working with you all and jumping in on projects.

As some of you may notice, we’ve recently made some changes to our website. Unlike the traditional websites or templates you’ve used, it is a multi-functional website that is light, versatile and easy to maintain. Our brand new company site is built with it and we enjoy it very much.

The brief idea is to allow our clients to manage and update their website at ease without worrying about all other details. We will take care of all the hassles for you while you focus on putting your creativity and information out for your audience.

You do not need to be a developer to make your site interesting. The era of posting a large number of images and videos on the website is slowly fading and it is definitely not as mobile-friendly as you think. With our new service product, you will be focusing on a content-driven website where you could continuously feed essential information and functionalities for your target viewers on mobile devices or computers.

We will soon be announcing the release date and details for this new service product “enTree” with showcases for you guys to take a look at.

😉 Keep an eye out for our special early bird deals with a limited quantity only.

You can also click here to let us know that you are interested in getting early access.