Company Type Arts & Entertainment, Theatrical Productions
Deliverables UI, UX, Planning and Development
Platform Web, iOS
Tech Stack Ruby on Rails, React Native


CMDBrew Studio Inc stepped in to create a public-facing website for the Vancouver Spring Show to publicize the annual event and enhance ticket sells online. The main challenge was turning the complicated, antiquated ticketing system into a conventional, easy-to-use tool that allows buyers to have optimized web & mobile experience when making reservations online.



We kicked off the project by meeting and getting to know Shaun and The Vancouver Spring Show. After obtaining a deep understanding of the vision that Shaun had for the new event website and ticketing system, the team began researching the digital community event landscape to identify an industry-standard.

Through this research, we found that almost all current offerings had robust ticketing systems that often resulted in higher ticket sales. However, none of the systems had the visual punch we were after. After the research phase, the goal was clear: We set our goals to design a ticketing interface that was more user-friendly and could enhance the ticket purchasing experience.

We came up with the breadboarding and fat-marker drawings to demonstrate how website visitors would move through the ticket purchasing experience. The illustrations provide a better understanding of how the web app works for everyone, as well as setting the boundaries for the project scope.


To build a web application with a custom backend for the new advanced ticketing system, We chose to work with Ruby on Rails, a powerful and robust framework that allowed us to develop the app that best met the needs of The Vancouver Spring Show.

Additionally, we set up a dashboard for The Vancouver Spring Show to display metrics that calculate their overall ticket selling percentage, revenue, net income and more.

To provide a reliable ticket verification process, we chose React-Native for the scanning application framework and focus on speed and accuracy.


To ensure the quality of all our projects, by default, we implement automatic testing during our development process.

At the end of the development, we ran through the entire application with each one of the user stories on staging with recordings and inspection reports to inform our client with the current state of the system, including application health, license dependencies, security scans, etc.

After we made sure everything is perfect, then we schedule a time with Shaun for the online walkthrough tutorial and schedule for production deployment.

Since we involved the client throughout the entire process, it was easy for the client to learn how the system works. With our documentations and well-designed interface and user flow, it was easy for them to pass on the knowledge to any of their team members.


The application helped Shaunโ€™s team save the amount of time and cost they spent managing the ticket selling process by more than 40%, and significantly reduce the amount of ticket sell conflicts.

"CMDBrew Studio Inc. has helped us create a unique digital presence which carries our brand identity and hence increased our online sales by 25%."
Shaun Cui
Executive Producer