Company Type Education, Academy, Theatrical Productions
Deliverables UI, UX, Planning and Development
Platform Web
Tech Stack Ruby on Rails


Motion Artistry’s Art Director, Cherry Tao, and the Executive Producer, Shaun Cui, approached us to see if our team could develop a system that will improve the way their academy was operating and a brand new website to make the academy more presentable. Unlike other industries our team had dealt with, this was a brand new challenge for us.

The team had to understand how the academy was operating and its specific management needs. The process to transform old school methods into an online system was not an easy task. One of the major challenges our team had was to implement features without drastically influence Motion Artistry’s previous operating style. The academy also needed solutions to enhance their methods of communications, file management, student management, course management, and instructor management.

Aside from the operations, the UI and UX design of the application was a part that the team put in a lot of effort to minimize the learning curve for users such as the academy staff and students from the age of 5 to 18.



The team began by analyzing all of Motion Artistry’s needs and initial concept then comparing it with other educational applications that are currently being used by other institutions. Based on our research and comparisons, we then decided on what will be a more suitable approach in designing the application with industry standards.

We proceeded by using methods such as breadboarding and fat-marker drawing to layout the entire flow of the application with details to set the scope of the project. We had implemented several management systems that were based on the original operation style and improved them by including automation and logical structures that will help them organize their information with ease.

One of the most unique features that we implemented into the system was managing students’ attendance by allowing them to check-in to individual courses via QR codes. With this implementation, instructors will not need to manually check for attendances and the academy will be able to manage attendance records easily.


While developing the application for Motion Artistry, the primary focus was on making the application fully mobile responsive since the students will use their mobile devices to access their personal information, communicate with the academy, view course information, and scan QR codes for attendance.

The new web application was the solution to Motion Artistry’s existing problems. A newly designed management system developed to fit the way they operate and more. All of their information is now structured and stored in a logical and easily accessible way that improves their productivity.


Aside from performing our standard automatic testing for the application, we also implemented manual testings to mitigate any potential usage issues that could happen for users that are not tech-savvy or at a younger age.

We provided tutorials guides and online walkthrough tutorials for Motion Artistry after we’ve deployed the application. Due to the complexity of this application, we were requested to host a brief seminar for the students to guide them on how to use the system.


As a result, the newly implemented system has improved Motion Artistry’s overall management productivities as well as providing an efficient interface for the students to access the information they need.

The academy has many other features on their roadmap, moreover, it has received many positive feedbacks since the day it was launched. It is an exciting project and experience to continue collaborating on with Motion Artistry.

“The most important reason why I have been working with CMDBrew Studio for many years on multiple projects is the team can always get the points and deliver what exactly I am looking for. On top of that, I really like their Simple, Clean, Contemporary and User-Friendly style. Working with CMDBrew Studio has been very smooth. As the chief software engineer, Nelson has been always innovated and creative. He makes sure all of our software, website and apps are up to dated and has the latest technologies.”
Shaun Cui
Executive Director