Company Type Arts & Entertainment, Theatrical Productions
Deliverables UI, UX, Planning and Development
Platform Web


Vancouver Spring Show started in 2010. It presents artistic performances and provided a stage for local and Chinese performers to delivery different forms of arts. Since then, Spring Show has become a highly recognized icon in the local Chinese based community. Every year, “Chun Zhan” is adhering to the original, fine, multicultural, large-scale production of the principal.

When they reached out to us in 2015, they wanted to build an online presence. It was an honour to be invited to create an online presence for an event with such a long history and impact on society.



We kicked off the project by meeting and getting to know Shaun and The Vancouver Spring Show. After obtaining a deep understanding of the vision that Shaun had for the new event website, we started creating fat-maker sketches for the website.

The illustrations provide a better understanding of how the web app works for everyone, as well as setting the boundaries for the project scope.


Running a show is a complicated process since there are many parties involved and lots of details to be discussed. Therefore, after confirming the main scope of the website, we started by building the main layout that we can quickly fill in contents when presented while Shaun and his team continue to provide information for performers and information for the event when finalized.

With this approach, we were able to cope with the ongoing changes that could happen during the planning process event while not putting too much pressure on Shaun and the event organizing team.


As a result, we were able to launch the website through an iterative process with exceptional quality in a timely manner.

The website launch was an remarkable success and we have working with them each year since 2015.

"CMDBrew Studio Inc. has helped us create a unique digital presence which carries our brand identity and hence increased our online sales by 25%."
Shaun Cui
Executive Producer