It has been a while since the last time we revisit CodeCore College, where we studied for our Bootcamp. In case you don’t know what Bootcamp is or what I’m referring to, it is an intense web development program that is condensed into 3 months. I graduated from CodeCore as Cohort 16 and Nelson, my business partner, graduated as Cohort 2. Each year CodeCore will have approximately 3-4 Cohorts and it is now at Cohort 34!

We thought it would be nice to visit CodeCore again since this is the first time they are hosting Demo Day at the new campus location. A Demo Day is when students that are graduating present their project to friends, family, and potential employers to display the skill sets and knowledge they have acquired during the Bootcamp course. Needless to say, CodeCore’s Demo Day tradition is provided with complimentary beer and pizza.

Cohort 34’s Demo Day was just as interesting as other Demo Day. Although there have been many changes at CodeCore for the past two years, we were quite pleased with the quality of the overall presentation. Students were confident and they demonstrated their concept and intentions in a clear logical way.

Aside from Demo Day, we also learned that CodeCore is expanding itself to collaborate with Universities to provide their students for the next phase of education. Students now will be able to transfer to other Universities after they have completed their courses at CodeCore to receive degrees. It certain is assuring to see the growth of CodeCore and what it becomes.

Congratulations Cohort 34!