A common misconception about software applications is that it is not a one time project. It’s like taking your car to a shop for service or updating your phones and laptops after you’ve purchased it. It is a long-term continuous process in which all websites and applications will require to keep it running properly.

Why does it need maintenance?

New versions of software and technologies are constantly being released and that is why we highly recommend all of our clients to keep their websites or applications up-to-date.

Needless to say, there will be all sorts of potential issues if you postpone the maintenance of your website or application. Imagine it would be like not doing an oil change or tire rotation for your car at the scheduled time and your car starts making squealing noises that freak you out.

We will be the mechanic that makes sure your website or application is running smoothly without the dreadful noise or potential issues that might prevent it from working properly.

Why does it need monitoring?

Before we can pop the hood or proceed with any maintenance and updates, we will need to know what is the current status of your website or application. We monitor it so that we can keep track of all the bugs and issues that may be happening.

If we could constantly monitor your website or application, it will decrease the time and the cost to pinpoint issues. We will be on top of your application and resolve the issues within the shortest amount of time as well as saving you from additional costs.

There are many factors that could cause an issue to rise within your website or application. It makes no sense for anyone to charge you a crazy amount of inspection fee every single time you run into an issue.

How can we help?

We understand it could be difficult to keep track of all the miscellaneous things that are going on with your website or application. We can help you by offering a monitoring and maintenance service for you to keep track of them.

You will be provided with a monthly report of your website or application to keep you updated on the current status with ease. We also provide consultation as one of our services to provide suggestions when an issue needs to be repaired or improvements that could be implemented.

Your website or application is a valuable asset, we want to help you maintain it and keep it operating for as long as possible.

Please contact us for more detailed information regarding our services.